God First

by Bryan G. Sibley, MD


Hear Dr. sibley speak

Dr. Sibley has led worship and preached at a variety of churches throughout Southwest Louisiana. He is known as an entertaining and enthusiastic speaker. These are a few samples of some of his sermons at Asbury United Methodist Church.

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I Surrender all - 6.12.16

As noted in his book, God First, through this sermon Dr. Sibley describes what it means for Christians to fully surrender their lives to God.


on being two-thirds methodist - 10.25.15

Dr. Sibley is the founder and chair of "Living Generously", a ministry of Generosity at Asbury United Methodist Church in Lafayette, LA. This sermon is a sample of what this ministry is doing to enhance members' focus on God's generosity in their lives.

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The great commission-leave it all on the field - 8.16.15

Although Dr. Sibley had been leading worship and preaching at other churches, this was his "inaugural sermon" at his home church, Asbury United Methodist Church in Lafayette, LA.